• From business casual to getting down to business with your kettle & Slow 'N Sear, this comfortable shirt is great for all occasions!  
  • With Adrenaline Barbecue logo on the front chest.  
  • Our newest shirt is perfect for hot summer days and lets you declare you're making better backyard meals thanks to Slow 'N Sear! FREE SHIPPING!
  • If you're familiar with our recipes you'll know that we are strong advocates of "dry brining", the process of salting meat in advance to amplify meat flavor and lock in juices.  Rub goes on right before putting the meat on the grill, but you don't want a rub containing salt since the meat is already salted.  But so many packaged rubs contain salt (and lots of it!).  You're often left running to the store for a 1/2 tsp of this or that and end up with a cabinet full of half-used spices. To solve all of those problems, we've launched our own line of salt-free, premium rubs based on tried-and-true recipes we've used for years. Not Just for Beef (5.0 oz. shaker) - a pepper-based rub that's the perfect complement for beef.  But don't stop there!  Not Just For Beef got its name because it's great on other meats too - give it a try on pork or chicken (our favorite!). Rocky's Rub (5.5 oz. shaker) - named after my faithful pooch, Rocky's Rub is all about the bark.  A brown sugar-based rub balanced with savory flavors that's perfect for when you want to develop beautiful color and flavor on your meat. Scroll down for ingredients and cooking tips! Mix or match your order using the options below. Free 2-day shipping in the U.S!
  • This hat is 100% cotton, charcoal color (of course!), and has full-color "Slow 'N Sear" embroidery on the front.   With it's relaxed look and unstructured, comfort fit you may never take it off!   Fully adjustable fabric tuck strap with slide closure.  
  • We've been searching for years for the perfect charcoal tool.  We finally found it - AND put our name on it! Where many straight spatulas and grill tools fail, the angled head of our charcoal tool is perfect for moving coals around in the Slow 'N Sear basket.  Whether stirring up coals for a Cold Grate sear, or pushing remaining coals to the side to add more charcoal during a long cook, this tool executes with ease.  Plus, you get the fine precision to confidently pick up small coals (aka cherries) or pieces of wood.
    • 430 stainless steel
    • Rubberwood handle with "Slow 'N Sear" logo etched on both sides
  • Celebrate another successful Slow 'N Sear cook with your favorite beverage in this elegantly etched glass.  The thick, sturdy base includes a recessed pinnacle design reminding you that you are at the top of your barbecue game. 9.5 oz capacity makes a perfect "rocks" glass. A great gift for any Slow 'N Sear pit master!
  • binder clips
    Having trouble maintaining low temperatures (225 - 250 F) in your grill with the Slow 'N Sear?  A leaky kettle lid may be to blame.  The Slow 'N Sear burns charcoal so efficiently that even a small air leak can keep you from hitting those low 'n slow temperatures. The easy fix is binder clips.  Three clips around the lip of the kettle can quickly seal off those leaks and get your pit temperature under control.   Check out the video product demonstration in the Description section below. Don't have a leaky kettle?  These clips are also great for keeping recipes coordinated or as a bag/chip clip for keeping food fresh! Sold in a package of three clips.  Ships free as an add-on to any order!



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