With this FOGO Charcoal & Rub Combo Package, you get 4 bottles of our Premium Rubs (2 Not Just For Beef + 2 Rocky’s Rub) and two 17.6 lb. bags of FOGO Premium Lump Charcoal at a savings of $10 versus purchasing separately.

Our Premium Rubs are Salt-Free so you can dry-brine your meats and apply the rub just before cooking to avoid over-salting your meat with typical rubs that can be as much as 50% salt or more.  You’ll get 4 bottles total with this Combo Offer.

Simply put, FOGO charcoal is our favorite lump charcoal.  Why you ask?  We like it because it burns very hot, for a very long time, and has very little ash.  We love the consistency of the quality (no foreign objects in the bags) and sustainability of their sourcing.  FOGO is truly a premium product made by a class act company.  We support them and hope you will too.

From Sebastian at FOGO:

“FOGO Charcoal is a family business. We work hard every day to produce the very best Lump Charcoal we can, because we are passionate Outdoor Chefs ourselves. We cook at the Beach, in the Backyard, baking Pizzas, grilling Fish and Lobsters, to Low & Slow Beef Ribs and Brisket on the Kamado we do it all, pretty much every day.

“We want you to be absolutely satisfied with our product, please let us know if we can improve something or if you had a good or bad experience. We want to know it all so that we can keep getting better and keep growing this small company.

“We highly recommend our products for use in the Adrenaline Barbecue Kamado Grill for the best grilling experience.

“And most importantly, THANK YOU for choosing our products. Without you all this wouldn’t be possible, so thank you very much for your love and loyalty!”