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“Slow ‘N Sear – Owners & Fans” Facebook Group Feed

Here’s a peek at our Facebook “Slow ‘N Sear Owners & Fans” Group.   It’s an active community of Slow ‘N Sear enthusiasts providing helpful advice, sharing recipes, and making everyone hungry with pictures of incredible food cooked with the Slow ‘N Sear.

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3 hours ago

Chris Coale

Has anyone done a sous vide pork butt, and finished off on the SNS? I'm attempting my first one, just pulled from the water bath after 165 degrees for 24 hours and there seems to be A LOT of liquid in there. Is this normal? Hoping it's not dry

My plan is to finish it off this weekend, so it's going in the fridge for now. Should I refrigerate with liquid in the bag? Or separate?

If it wasn't for lack of grill space, this thing would have been all done on the trusty SNS
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I’m not sure but that kinda sounds like it would spoil?

i did it once with brisket. yes you will get a LOT of liquid. you may want to ice bath it to rapidly chill first but don’t break the seal, but i’m not an expert here and you run the risk of bacterial growth. the liquid would be great for chili!

Everything I'd looked into said to smoke it first and Sous Vide it after, unless you're going to sous vide, do an ice bath, and then smoke it. Smoke only adheres to the meat if it's beneath a certain temperature. I've smoked for a minimum of 3 hours and sous vide to consistency. I did a Pork Shoulder to an internal temp of 175 night before last - Needed to remove it from the smoker because I needed to return home from camping and then sous vide it at 165* for about 7 hours and it turned out great...

I paid $40 for this tomahawk ribeye. We ate half. In a steakhouse we would have paid ~$85 each -- plus more for the veggies and potatoes. Also: I picked up the bone and gnawed off all the deliciousness. You can't really do that in a steakhouse. ... See MoreSee Less

I paid $40 for this tomahawk ribeye. We ate half. In a steakhouse we would have paid ~$85 each -- plus more for the veggies and potatoes. Also: I picked up the bone and gnawed off all the deliciousness. You cant really do that in a steakhouse.


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Boy oh boy!

ICYMI here's the rest of the prep. Although it takes a little extra time it's more than worth it.

This guy obviously didn't hear the rules about Steakhouse etiquette.

Looks awesome!!

Nicely done!


I'll be buying one in the near future. Hope it fits in my Weber 22.

I rarely (pun intended) order steak at a restaurant as I can cook a killer one at home.

WOWZERS! My evil twin would be all over that!

Perfect. Nice job. I totally agree. I did one and turned out same way. Best steak ever grilled in our house.

I got two a month or so back at Sams. I had to pick through the, but I managed to find two for around $19 each. Sams here usually has good beef. Since gaining information on how to from this group and the videos, we havent been back to a steak house. Yours look great.

Looks amazing

This was my leftovers from yesterday's streak. 🙂

My steak was close to four pounds, and there were only two of us. It was way too much to try to eat it all! So we have fabulous leftovers for tonight.

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2 days ago

Tim Adams

Thanks everyone for the advice! 8 1/2 hours later and this is the best thing I have made with the SNS yet! Tomorrow, we make chili! ... See MoreSee Less

Thanks everyone for the advice! 8 1/2 hours later and this is the best thing I have made with the SNS yet! Tomorrow, we make chili!


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That's my next cook never done one before any advice?

Chili is on the menu for our big outdoor Halloween party. Our kids live out of state now, but we still have some of their friends drop by because they know I'm making my three-day chili.

3 days ago

Scott Metzelfeld

My first smoke ever tomorrow. My setup: Ribs from Costco, A 22" Weber kettle, Thermoworks Smoke thermometer, and my Slow 'N Sear. I'm freaking out I'll screw it up.

Any tips for a first timer? Best practices?
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My first smoke ever tomorrow. My setup: Ribs from Costco, A 22 Weber kettle, Thermoworks Smoke thermometer, and my Slow N Sear. Im freaking out Ill screw it up. Any tips for a first timer? Best practices?


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Follow our recipe and you have nothing to fear. Good luck!

Drink beer

You’ll do fine!

Remove the membrane...a butter knife to lift it and paper towels to help get a grip on the slimy suckers.

Don’t go crazy with fancy rubs, let the meat be the star. Monitor temp, but don’t check too often.

Two biggest things I’ll say are 1) Give yourself at least an hour more than you think you need for everything - from getting your charcoal lit to the end of the rest period. 2) don’t stress too much about grill temp. Your temps will fluctuate and that’s totally okay. You’re better off riding out the ebbs and flows than trying to correct every swing in temperature by adjusting your vents.

Allow more time than you think you will need. The target cooker temp is 225. Don't sweat it if you can't maintain it. Anything between 225-250 will work. Sauce at the very end, if at all. Beer.

Clean smoke

Damn those are some meaty ribs, don’t worry if it gets hot in there, nothing wrong with 275-300, some of the best ribs I have ever done have been over 300.

One other thing, this group is always at your fingertips. The people here have talked me away from the ledge countless times mid-cook when I feel something has gone wrong.

Easy on the Smoke, better to little smoke then too much.

Things to freak out about: you lost your job - a family member has an incurable disease - North Korea has decided your home is a target test site. Things to relax about because you really can't screw up: Ribs. It's so easy. The only thing you can screw up is to not enjoy.

The slow ‘n sear makes it easy on your weber , maintain 225 and remember no rushing perfection low and slow , top vent above your ribs

So, the whole "remove the membrane" thing...not going well.

Beyond the membrane, my advice is rinse those ribs off really well from the cryovac. It can have a sulfurous funk.

Yea beer 🍺 helps!!! Wash um real good and chunk um on , they will be awesome, good luck 🍀

Oh!!! I see your problem. You're a Green Bay fan. Worry my son... Worry. Your ribs will be great...your team....sorry

Remove the membrane, dry brine it tonight, be patient. Don't stress about temp fluctuations between 225-250 that is perfect. Out side of that make small adjustments to the top vent first wait 5-10 min to see what happens and adjust more if needed. It will take longer than 4 hours. Plan on more like 6. Better to keep them warm in an oven rather than toe tapping wife staring at you lol.

Yes get some salt on them tonight.

Hit up if you haven't already. Go for the last meal ribs recipe. You will knock off some socks

3-2-1 with some jalapenos! I like them spicy!

2-2-1 works well for baby back. I recommend 2 hrs smoked, 2+ hrs wrapped until desired tenderness, then 30 min - 60 min unwrapped and sauced until desired look, char, and carmelization.

Have plenty of cold beer on hand.


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1 day ago

Kyle Cannon

Alright guys, I have a challenge. My parents have requested for the turkey to not be smoked or taste smoky. I’d like to still use my charcoal grill but I’m not sure if it’s possible for that to be possible with how I would need to fuse the coals for the longer cook. Any ideas? ... See MoreSee Less


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Tell your parents to bring their own turkey or perhaps eat elsewhere? Just sayin'

Dude, if they're that specific, put it in the oven. Don't risk it

Do two Turkey's, one smoked, one in the oven. Or a whole turkey and turkey breast. You could always get new parents.😁

Use good quality briquettes, well ashed, no wood whatsoever. No smoke

We cook two. One smoked. One in oven=everybody satisfied.

Send out for pizza, that way no one is happy.

i do turkey legs on the kettle. my parents do a turkey breast in the oven. we share.

I have great success when I spatchcock it, and remove it when the breast is at 150 (the dark meat should be at 165 then, if you spatchcock). If you’re doing it on your grill, I’d cook it indirectly at maybe 375 for crispier skin. Just don’t add wood to your coals.

Wrapping in foil might help negate the smoke flavor

While there will always be some smoke from charcoal (it's wood, and it's burning), you might try this: "Pandora's Turkey," from The Grilling Encyclopedia, by A. Cort Sinnes. Rub the outside of the (18-22 pound should fit the Buck Weber) turkey with oil, then season with salt and pepper, or the rub you like. You can stuff some aromatic things inside the bird--a few handfuls of chopped celery and onions, mixed with some melted butter and poultry seasoning (it's meant for aroma, not to be eaten). Place the turkey in a disposable aluminum pan. Ignite 5 pounds of charcoal briquets (about 88 Kingsford briquetsl). When the coals are hot, arrange them in equal amounts on opposite sides of the fire grate. Put the cooking grill in place, and place the turkey and its pan directly in the middle. Put the lid on the grill, and leave top and bottom vents completely open. Do not take the lid off for any reason until the fire goes out (no hint of smoke, and no sizzling, bubbling cooking noises), in about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The whole thing fails if you lift the lid, even to peak, so don't be like Pandora. Not guaranteed to meet your parents' standards of smoke-free, but a simple and reliable way to cook a turkey on the Weber. After eating it as a guest, I bought the book, and it was the beginning of my journey of becoming a griller and barbecuer.

I would just get two smaller turkeys. One for the grill and grill it my way, the other I’d do it traditional!

Sounds like you need some new

Your house your rules. Do what you want. Or just do two turkeys.

Who doesn't like smoked turkey?

Deep fry

Who doesn't like smoked turkey?

We make two. One whole turkey in the oven and smoke a breast.

Put them in a home.

I've done turkey beasts for 6 on the BBQ. The rub and baste kept ti nice and moist. I also did potato/onion packets as well, and warmed the rolls. The only thing in the oven was the green bean casserole.

Rotisserie is as good as or better than smoke on poultry!😋 And if you don't put wood on the coals you won't have a smokey taste.

Don’t put wood on your charcoal .... and foil till end or 1/2 cut bird .... smoke one oven one 👍😎 no reason everyone should suffer - lol 😂

I don't think you can get away without some some taste no matter how long you wait to put on bird. I would do small turkey in oven and do turkey parts - thighs, and legs, breast if white meat is more in demand.

I’ve cooked on Weber with just Kingsford and had no Smokey taste. I injected came out great.

Use only fully lit charcoal and no wood - and do a practice cook!

Try coconut shell charcoal.

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