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Here’s a peek at our Facebook “Slow ‘N Sear Owners & Fans” Group.   It’s an active community of Slow ‘N Sear enthusiasts providing helpful advice, sharing recipes, and making everyone hungry with pictures of incredible food cooked with the Slow ‘N Sear.

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2 hours ago

David Parrish

Need a new group photo that shows off the SnS. Please post your fave as a comment and I'll pick one to feature! ... See MoreSee Less


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My world record 19hr single fill of the SnS last April

Photos need to be WIDE... like this...

First brisket

Ham and turkey 2 22's w/ SnS's

SnS on a WSM with a kettle setup. Made possible with an added grilling level charcoal grate bracket.

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55 minutes ago

Jon Guissarri

No a SnS question, per se, but this is something I’ve always wondered and figured I can get an answer here. When making temperature adjustments on a Weber kettle, do you open/close the top vent, bottom intake vent, or both? ... See MoreSee Less

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I’m using the sns on every cook, but I’ve always had success leaving the top vent 1/2 open and making minor adjustments with the bottom vent.

Mainly the bottom vents.

Generally just the bottom unless it gets way to hot then I will close the top a bit

It helps to mark your bottom vent openings so you know when you're 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and Full open. Over time you'll learn where to set the bottom opening for consistent temp control. I now know my grill better and I set the bottom between just below 1/4 up to 1/2 depending on low and slow or hot and fast, and make minor adjustments mostly with the top. For searing, the top is off the bottom is open to Full.

Lately I’ve actually had the most success slightly adjusting the top vents. I previously did a combination of both but mainly with the bottom.

Same as above, my bottom vent is the main driver and I'll tweak the top if needed. I try and run wide open or slightly closed on top to keep the smoke moving. Before adding binder clips to really seal the lid I had to do both top and bottom.

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4 days ago

Michael Collins

Anyone else have the same problem?
Tried every thing to remove these marks, even Brillo pad. It is slightly domed in the middle so tends to burn in this place.
Any advice or is it faulty?
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Anyone else have the same problem? Tried every thing to remove these marks, even Brillo pad. It is slightly domed in the middle so tends to burn in this place. Any advice or is it faulty?


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Did you put it directly on an electric stove?

Have you tried barkeepers friend?

It won’t affect performance. Try the Bar Keepers Friend with just a green Scotchbrite pad.

That is a very specific burn pattern...


If it doesn't cause food to stick, I would not worry about it. It may be the chemical rxn in the metal

Looks like something very hot and circular was put on it or the other way around.

The dripngriddle does not replace a cast iron pan.

Thanks everyone - looks like I have been a muppet and lit my chimney on it. Lesson learned

Pans usually warp towards the heat. That's why some Skillets are wobbly. Keep grilling!

This is common in stainless stuff. See this: blog.metrokitchen.com/stainless-cookware-discolored-bluish/

Should not affect performance.

Can i order one of these on amazon?

This product works really good on stainless pots, pans, cookie sheets. It might be worth trying www.kitchenstuffplus.com/lagostina-stainless-steel-copper-cleaner

Is it faulty? It's posts like this that squash all of my hope for humanity.

If you put something like this over the top of heat you’re going to have discoloration with stainless steel. It will not affect the performance. Looks like you concentrate too much heat one spot. What’s the big deal it’s just a drip pan basically. If you want to fry an egg on something use cast Iron.

it depends on the quality of the steel, the gauge, and the temp underneath. If it is upsetting that it does not look clean then you may want to try another method of cooking. The discoloration will not affect the taste and if you are concerned the food will "taste dirty" rest assured it is an inherent quality of properly seasoned stainless steel.

Thanks for all your responses - mystery solved by Doug Channon - I lit my Chimney on it a few weeks ago. The DnG was wrapped in foil and i noticed the marking when removed

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22 hours ago

Jeff Brooks

A few pics of my chuckie from last night. The SnS delivered as always! ... See MoreSee Less

A few pics of my chuckie from last night. The SnS delivered as always!


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Looks great! Nice color!

Did the same last night!

That's beautiful!

What time is dinner?

I was planning on having the leftovers for dinner, but came home from work today and my wife had eaten the rest of what we had! I guess that speaks for itself. Tasty!

I’ve gotta make one of these, looks great and I love the SNS

These pictures give me the meat sweats

Looks good! I cooked two over the weekend. Last night I made batch of chili with the leftovers. Really tasty.

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